Our hotel


The DER RUIBACHER hotel is just a few minutes’ walk from Marling, and boasts breathtaking panoramic views over Meran and the Etsch Valley.

A covered, locked car park and open air pool with sun loungers are at our guests’ full disposal.

In the hotel hall you will find up-to-date information and handy hints for local events, a map with excellent hiking tips and a variety of books and games.

The Saltner

Our hotel is located on the WineCulturePath, a 4km loop-route lined with information boards on the history and culture of wine in the area. En-route to the centre of Marling, the path leads past the Meran Winery and numerous vineyards along the Mitterterz road. 

Thanks to the Saltner painting by famed Meran artist Peter Fellin, which you can see in our hotel, we are also listed in the Marlinger WineCulturePath itinerary.

One of these information boards is dedicated to “our” Saltner.

Throughout history the Saltner, also known as the “Protector of the Vineyards,” was the person who safeguarded the vineyards and kept harvest-thieves at bay. A strapping man, the Saltner wore striking, swashbuckling clothing of a majesty verging on the omnipotent. His hat was particularly intriguing, and was adorned with peacock, rooster feathers and fox and squirrel tails. The Saltner was armed with a spear-like weapon similar to a halberd. The last Saltner in Marling protected the harvest of 1959.

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